Preparing for the Work In Progress

So we’ve been hard at work preparing for the work in progress this Saturday!

Xavier’s been busy making patches:

Envirojoy patchTHE MODULE MATRIX

Mook’s been busy writing:


Using edits and feedback from our remote advisors Lawrence & Matthew, and with the amazing help of our advisors Anna and Dimitra in the rehearsal space over the past week, we’ve been building up a performance for Saturday’s show:

The Drops ChatMook RidingMook Mg and X Ink

Me & My Whale is a project that, like its subject, is an absolute leviathan. By setting our aims to incorporate different approaches to composing, devising and performing, by setting our goal to couch it inside a cross-temporal and generative framework, we’re trying to create a new form of expression. For now, we’re telling a story – about the lonely submarine captain who falls in love with a whale. That’s what we’ll enact through body, sound, image, text and form on Saturday. If you can, come down!

Me & My Whale :: Work in Progress (Leeds)

Some Sound:

SubAquatic Soundscape: One of the defining aspects of the sound design is that each scene’s sound is built up by manipulating the previous scene’s sound, or by building new soundscapes using a mixure of microphones, hydrophones, human-computer instruments and synthesis. This is an extract from one of the hydrophones setting up the submarine acoustic.

ToneHarm: a patch which detects the pitch of an incoming voice and then matches it with six sine tones, creating a sort of echoey delayey followy feeling. Needs work to make it nicer, but I like the difference between the soft, thin sine tones and a rich, harmonic-filled voice.

Bring on the Whale!


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