Me & My Whale is a performance project which incorporates expanded approaches to text, theatre, music and programming to ask questions about the modern ownership of the natural world and our impending apocalypse.

It follows a military submarine captain wandering the deep ocean for materials and sounds she can forage from the remains of the drowned human world. Whilst on a deep dive, she hears a whale’s call, deep and resonant, and falls head over fins in love. They sing together in their newfound resonance, but can it last?

Using underwater microphones, contact microphones, a visual design incorporating water refractions and projection, generative audio programming, room resonance, hacked gaming controllers, motion-capture, two theme songs and a very lonely whale.

Originally written for Xavier’s (who?) dissertation for a masters in music, new life has been breathed into the project with the help of Mook (who?) and the support of Live Art Bistro, The HopBarn, The Royal Exchange Theatre, stage@leeds and Arts Council England, who are, frankly, mad.




This will be a straightforward blog, for anyone interested to see what we’ve been doing, and for its future life past 2018. It is my fond hope that one day it will take its place alongside Napoleon’s war diaries and the memoirs of Julius Caesar.


Have a look at our upcoming performances:

Whales On Tour