Xavier Velastin is a sound artist and performance maker based in Leeds. He creates work at the intersection of live and mediated performance, with a strong emphasis on voice, body politics, the ocean, technology and culture as object. He composes expanded sound design for theatre, and performs often in solo and collaborative projects in a number of fields including sound poetry, improvisational piano, live sampling and performance art. Xavier holds a bachelors in Music from the University of Manchester specialising in the somatics of modern dance musics and electroacoustic composition, and a masters in Sonic Arts from Goldsmiths, University of London.

Hannah Mook is a contemporary performance maker based in Manchester. Her work seeks to explore the interplay between a performers body and what surrounds them. Her past works have been heavily prop and movement based and are often silent. Hannah is constantly preoccupied with the formal and visual aspects of theatre, her work is often uncanny or displaced. Her most recent work has included residencies and performances with Powderkeg at The Royal Exchange Manchester and work with PaperPeople Theatre at Lancaster Arts.


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